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Stand with Sam

Standing for Governor       Nov. 8th

Maine's Independent Candidate.

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My family taught me how to be frugal, practical, and welcoming.

Who is Dr. Sam Hunkler?

The eighth of nine children

National Health Service Corps

US Peace Corps Kenya
English & Science Teacher

Family Medical Doctor


Non-Profit Director

All 50 States & World Traveling

Father of 4

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Most want something different, but many have resigned themselves to the dysfunction and the belief that it can not change.
I believe it can. 
I am accepting no campaign donations and will be beholden to no person or special interest.  I will self-finance my standing with the goal of spending less than $5000, excluding travel.

I personally collected over 4,000 signatures to be on our ballot.

Before there were red or blue political parties, representatives were asked to ‘stand for office’ by other community members who collectively believed that the person would represent them well.

I will put heart into the State of Maine. 


Independent qualifies for Maine governor’s race

Portland Press Herald

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The Rockland Metro Show welcomes Sam Hunkler, candidate for Maine governor

Rockland Metro Show


Doc Quixote: Who is Sam Hunkler and why is he running for governor of Maine?

Portland Phoenix

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Candidate Sam Hunkler aspires to be voice of the middle majority

Machias Valley News Observer


The Doctor Is In

Sam has a pretty good idea of what people’s problems are at the granular level.


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Bringing Some Fresh Air to the Governor's Race

Central Maine News

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Meet Sam Hunkler: Independent Candidate for Governor

News Center Maine

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Friday PM -

Sam Hunkler Interview

Portland Media Center


Who is Sam Hunkler?

A Beals physician who wants to give voters a choice for governor.

Spectrum News

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Meet Maine's Independent  Candidate for Governor,




Sam Hunkler isn't asking for donations

to obtain a position

of power. 



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He is making a stand against the customary high-budget, high-visibility campaigns to which we have become sadly accustomed…

The Ellsworth American


Dr. Sam Hunkler Podcast August 27th

News Radio

WGAN 98.5


If you want Sam
to show up at your event,
have a
or link up for an interview,
feel free to reach out.

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