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Stand with me, not for me. 



Today's political candidates must come with the preordained issues, ideas, and beliefs of their political party in order to run for office. Before there were political parties, representatives were asked to ‘stand for office’ by other community members who collectively believed that the person would represent them well.


I am standing for a different way of governance.

I am standing for finding common ground.

I am standing for respect, kindness, compassion, gratitude, fairness, and integrity.


​Your support is welcome: 

Make signs. 

Invite me to public engagements.


Spread the word. 

Check out Sam in the Media Highlights! More to come.


Politicians should not be asking for
your support or your money.
They shouldn't be wasting money or time on commercials and attack ads.


Politicians should be supporting you
and create financially prosperous
living conditions here in Maine.

Take Look at Maine's Campaign Contributions.


So what can I offer to lead Maine?

Because of my medical profession, I had the opportunity to live and work anywhere in the world.  I have been a jack of many trades:  a teacher, carpenter, doctor, father, National Health Service Corps, US Peace Corps, Non-profit Director (Samburu Trust), and counselor.  


Being raised in a large family with parents who lived through the Great Depression I learned how to be resourceful on a low budget.


Kelly and I have raised 4 children (multiple-generation Mainers) they have my ear when it comes to what Maine needs to build a healthy future.


I have studied, lived, and worked in France, Kenya, New Zealand, Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, and Ohio. 

I have traveled to all 50 states and multiple countries on 6 of 7 continents

Broad Experience and Realistic Perspective while interacting with people of varied cultures, beliefs, lifestyles, and professions. 


Just like the many thousands of Mainers I have met,​ I have come to know that when speaking from the heart our voices are one.  

​I have worked in Beals, Blue Hill, Corinth, East Machias, Ellsworth, Harrington, Lewiston, Jonesport, and Machias in four community health centers.​


If you want Sam to show up at your event,
have a
conversation, or link up for an interview,
feel free to reach out.

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